Morató Renovables provides a comprehensive turnkey photovoltaic project service, tailored to each client.

We are different from what you have seen so far, why?

Our service offer consists of facilitating all the steps leading to an optimal photovoltaic installation. From start to finish, everything you need.


Processing permits





We explain it in detail:

DESIGN: Every deck and every person is different and has unique needs. That's why each dimensioning and design process is personalized. With the help and supervision of a qualified engineer, the customer's concerns are answered at the moment. Emphasis is placed on achieving the optimal design where it swings the cost with the needs of each customer with the particularities of each installation.

WORKS PERMIT PROCESSING: According to each municipality, it is necessary to obtain the permit or license.

INSTALLATION: Qualified professionals with years of experience they carry out the bespoke installation according to detailed specifications during the design phase.

TRACKING: Verification after a few days that everything is working correctly.
LEGALIZATION: In order to benefit from the surplus energy, you need to register the solar installation in the electricity distribution network.

MAINTENANCE: In addition to the alert system that the installation already has in place, proper maintenance improves production and extends useful life. Maintenance is contracted separately.

And all this with GUARANTEED QUALITY:

Professionalism. Work team made up entirely of specialists in engineering and electrical installations. 

Quietness. Each project, like each client, is unique. The optimal solution is sought in each situation in a professional and honest manner. You can rest easy: it's the installation that suits you best.

Proximity Contact is direct with the engineer responsible for the project. No call centers or unnecessary waiting. 


Convenience Turnkey project. Minimal client intervention in bureaucratic procedures.


trust The trajectory of 70 years and 3 generations backs us up. Who are we?

You can rest easy, we will perform the installation that works best for you.