Energy efficiency certificates (CEE)

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Morató Renovables offers a comprehensive service for the processing of Energy Efficiency Certificates (CEE) for all types of projects, both with and without installation. With our team of highly qualified professionals in engineering and electrical installations, we ensure that the entire process is carried out efficiently and professionally. We understand the importance of complying with regulatory requirements and offer full certificate management to ensure compliance with current regulations.

With Morató Renovables, our clients can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that each project is treated in a unique and personalized way. We always look for the optimal solution for each situation, making sure that the facilities comply with energy efficiency and sustainability standards. With our honest and professional approach, we ensure that each customer receives the best installation tailored to their specific needs.

We believe in proximity and direct contact with our customers, for this reason, we provide a unique interlocutor for each project: the responsible engineer. This means that our clients receive a personalized service and dedicated attention from the first contact to the completion of the project. With Morató Renovables, the processing of Energy Efficiency Certificates becomes an easy, convenient and worry-free experience for our customers.

Energy efficiency certificates (EEC)

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Subsidies and aid

There are several grants and subsidies available that apply to photovoltaics and wind power.

Next Generation plan

Up to one 80% of subsidy

Personal income tax deduction

Up to €3,000 of the installation cost

IBI bonus

Up to one 50% for 5 years

Subsidy Vehicle charger

Up to one 80% of the installation cost

Energy efficiency certificates (EEC)

Professionalism. Work team made up entirely of specialists in engineering and electrical installations. 

Energy efficiency certificates (EEC)
Quietness. Each project, like each client, is unique. The optimal solution is sought in each situation in a professional and honest manner. You can rest easy: it's the installation that suits you best.
Energy efficiency certificates (EEC)

Proximity Contact is direct with the engineer responsible for the project. No call centers or unnecessary waiting. 

Energy efficiency certificates (EEC)

Convenience Turnkey project. Minimal client intervention in bureaucratic procedures.

Energy efficiency certificates (EEC)

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We look for the best solution in each situation in a professional and honest way.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate (CEE) is an official document that assesses the energy efficiency of a building, providing a score that indicates its energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

All owners who want to sell or rent a property are required by law to obtain a CEE. It is also mandatory for new buildings and in cases of major renovations.

The CEE provides crucial information to buyers or tenants about the energy performance of the property, helping them make informed decisions and optimize their energy consumption. In addition, it promotes awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and the reduction of the emission of polluting gases.

The processing of a CEE involves an energy inspection of the building by a qualified technician. After evaluating various factors such as the thermal environment, the air conditioning systems and the lighting, the technician issues the certificate with the corresponding score. If you need a CEE, contact us and we will manage the whole process for you in an efficient and professional manner.