We want to help you make the necessary energy transition.
We are at your service as we have always been, since 1953

A family business with history 
The business activity of the Morató family began in 1953. Since its foundation and over the years, the values of proximity, simplicity and service to the utmost detail, have formed part of the company's business culture. And always adapting to the technological needs of each moment.

With an eye on the needs of the present and the future!
Faced with the large number of challenges we face as a society, we understand that the sustainability energy challenge it is a key point not only in companies but also in each of us Our daily.

This is where we can provide you with a differential value, helping you in this energy transition. Let's make the photovoltaic transformation together.

So, applying our business culture to the current situation, Morató Renovables is born.

Concretely we decide that the best time to undertake this exciting project is from the modification of the unfair "sun tax" law.  This modification allows individuals and SMEs to sell surplus photovoltaic energy at reasonable prices, eliminating the bureaucracy that made it economically unviable until now.

Who are we

Morató Renewables is a project led by Marc Vicente and Morató.
Marc has a degree in Industrial Engineering with a postgraduate degree in Photovoltaic Energy and more than 3 years of experience in the photovoltaic sector in state-owned companies.
Since childhood, it is passionate to know how things work and in improve people's lives through technology.
Professionally, it stands out international experience in consulting and technological research. 

It is time to face energy and environmental needs.

Let's make the Photovoltaic transformation together.


Send us your details. Our engineer will make a face-to-face visit, we will make you a tailor-made project and we will be able to solve all your doubts on the spot.
Easy and clear.